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I Was Waiting for the Hadouken

During the fight with Bubbleman I though to myself, "Where's the hadouken, I am waiting for the hadouken." Then there was one. Easily made my night.

Well Done *applause*

I understand completely what that guy went through as I have done similar things (minus the war). It will a simple yet effective flash video and though not quite an original concept, it was still well executed. Two thumbs up plus all the other ratings I gave. Kudos to you.

Firing My LAZOR!!!!

The final lazer was awesome, it was like a cross between a solar beam and a spirit bomb, pure genius

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One Chance, So Funny...

Yeah, I am probably preaching the the choir here, but one chance sucks. I even removed my cookies and I still couldn't play it again. Something's a bit fishy about this...

Poorly Executed

This game could have been great. The control scheme was genius, however poorly implemented and extremely unresponsive. The zombie were able to continuously grab you, causing immediate death. (Get caught in a group and you die because they grab you one after another). If small things had been looked over and refined this game could have been great.

It's awesome except...

Hard mode is definitely hard. I got to Oh Snap and cannot get past. I have the best armor available and still i get eaten alive. I feel that the difficulty is ramped too far up too quickly. The enemies hit harder, have greater defense, and you are left to sit there and be pulverized. I don't know how this might be remedied, however I lost all enjoyment playing this game upon reaching hard mode.

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Its alright but...

I enjoyed the song, the idea was grand, but a couple of the notes were not correct. Whether this was intentional to deviate from the original song, I cannot say (you wrote it not me) but the couple times that the notes were not the same as the original piece made it a little harder to enjoy. Overall, however, it was good work.

Good but some issues

The piano part is spot on that is why you received a 7. However the vocals are a bit off. I don't dislike the sound of the vocals but the voice is on the nasally side. And before I get flamed, I am not some shmuck who doesn't know anything, I do have musical training. Again the vocals aren't bad, she is just using her nose voice instead of her chest or head voice (except towards then end when she went up higher, that sounded fine)

Kor-Rune responds:

Probably, she's no musician, but she's not tone deaf. I'd love to show her your review, but she probably just would blow it off cause she's a girl like that. lol

Thanks dude!


I gave you a 10 but i do have 1 suggestion. I feel it should be a bit faster. Its probably the right speed for tetris, but "tetris on speed" makes me feel like it should be faster. I dont know its probably just me. But its still awesome though

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Essentially winning is all but impossible

You have created the ultimate fan Pokemon. Best stats, no weakness, and it can learn any move. You get a 10 because the art is done well. However for idea you get a 3.5 since everyone and there mother has imagined a Pokemon similar to this.

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